To See You Again

I don’t write poems and prose very often, at least not anymore.  There was a time in my life when the poetry flowed out of my head like a river.  It was when life, love, hormones and tragedy all roared and raged like mighty falls in the Spring.  Now, when a flicker of poetic thought enters my brain, it is usually snubbed out by the demands of the life of a woman grown – no longer any room nor any time for heart-bursting emotion or reflective sorrow. But today, it happened.  A thought came in, a memory passed over my mind and then grew into words so sorrowful, irritating, and provoking that I HAD to get them out, for fear if I didn’t, I might explode.

Have you ever loved so much and then lost so much that it hurts you forever? I have…and I am thankful to have loved so many wonderful friends and family, but wonder why they had to leave so soon…some without a goodbye, and some with a goodbye so long it was like torture. As I gasp for air, I share this with you…

images lake

I thought

I could let go forever

I pushed the pain

Into the deepest corner

And sealed it with a stone.

No room for that, anymore.

But just now,

your ghost swept over me like a wave.

Tossing me

Shocked and dizzy

The ground rolled, the trees swayed for a moment

Grasped by the memory of you.

And I fell.

Sorrow and joy combined,

Make me feel sick and bliss

in the same breath.

The rock is rolled away now.

My heart screams your name,

My eyes just want to see you


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3 Responses to To See You Again

  1. keelymyles says:

    I ❤ it! And I love haunting memories… But with all the poemifying I do, I wonder how ragingly tragic and hormonal you may think I am. Ha ha! 😉

    • Bearmama says:

      Haha Keely…aren’t we all tragic and hormonal? Some of us (like you) are just brave enough to face it all the time. 💖

      • keelymyles says:

        My mom once said if you act a little crazy on a regular basis, no one will notice when you go through “the change” of life… I suppose I taken that seriously. But seriously, it’s a lovely poem and you certainly could try your hand at it more often.

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