Bearmama here! WOW. When I started this blog, it was really for myself. Writing has always been my way of expressing my joys, fears, excitement and sorrow. I want to thank you for ALL for the flood of the comments regarding my last post. I am overwhelmed by the response and feedback to my post “No, I’m not OK”.  I have read each comment carefully, and appreciate all of the feedback so very much.  I have shared your feedback with not only my husband (who is just overwhelmed by the kind words of so many),but with his colleagues and the force, and anyone else who will listen to my giddy ramblings. My mind has been opened, and I appreciate not only the supportive feedback, but also those who have reminded me to watch that I don’t make “extreme broad-sweeping” statements as well.

So true.

Had I known over 100,000 people were going to read this, I may have tempered some of my opinions, but then it wouldn’t have been really me.  My heart doesn’t consult statistical data, so my writing won’t usually refer to stats either.

And let’s be clear,  before my husband became a police officer, I too grumbled when I was given a speeding ticket, but I knew it was my fault.

And I don’t have perfect children – far from it, but these posts are my “Mother’s lament” as I seek the best path through the exciting challenges of Motherhood. I write based on my personal observation, and I see the difference a day in the forest vs. a day playing video games can make in the attitude and aggression in my sons.  This may not be the case with everyone, but it is my reality.

It’s hard when you are a parent (whether or not your spouse has a dangerous job), to avoid feeling raw and vulnerable when tragedy (out there in the world) strikes. Our reactions are what can motivate us to positive or negative action and change. I am learning every day – thanks for being part of this journey. When we think about things, and cry about things together, and express our hopes and fears as a society, we get stronger. It is awesome! Share the love everyone, and thanks again!

Please also consider the various fundraising opportunities that are out there to support the families of our fallen officers in Moncton. (I will provide links later today)

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5 Responses to Thank-you!

  1. keelymyles says:

    100 000 readers! Whoa… I definitely appreciated your thoughts and shared a great discussion with mark later. Only support and thankfulness for your sacrifice here at our house. ❤

  2. Bearmama says:

    Thanks Keely! 🙂

  3. Jim Lewis says:

    Thank you… I am not o.k. either. I see what you see. My tears fall like yours. I thought I was the only one. Lets fix this. twice in my lifetime is twice too many. I am not O.K. and you should not be either.

  4. Janine says:

    I loved your blog “No, I’m not ok” and couldn’t help to read some of the comments. While most were positive there are always those that feel it necessary to find the worst in the police no matter the forum…. But it’s ok, they are sadly used to it. I thought this link may be of interest to you…

    Thank you for your lovely words!

  5. Debbi Moore says:

    Dear Bearmama, I received an email with your letter attached, today. I am the wife of a retired police officer and I feel what you feel. I want to thank you for putting your thoughts on “paper” for all of us to see. Yesterday when watching the regimental funeral, all I could do was give thanks that my life had not changed in an instant as these lives had. I am thankful that my husband served for 30 years and came out of it unscathed physically. Yesterday we heard about a school shooting in Oregon with deaths and a shooting in Vancouver…what on earth is wrong with this world? We all need to make an effort, one step at a time, to be the change we want to see in this world. Take care and thank you.

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