It’s better outside


I have blogged about my feelings about getting kids out of the TV room and into the forest before.   Today, after a few crazy hours that looked something like this: Me, working from my home office, while my boys fought, watched a movie, fought, the dog chewing every Lego he could get his teeth on, AND spitting it back out mixed with dog slobber all over the couch that he’s not supposed to sit on, kids made a mess, dog made a mess, I yelled, threatened (as usual) to take EVERYTHING away.  Someone threatened to run away.  As a dust ball the size of my head blew past me on a dirty floor,  I realized we just had to get outside.  Or I might cry.

So after a frenzy of helmets, dog leashes and scooters, a small fight about who was riding what “thing”, me, the three boys and the dog set out for a walk.

Walking out of our chaotic house and into the mid-day sunshine, the smell of ocean floating on the breeze, is all it took to bring us all down about 50 notches on the stress-meter.  As I walked, and the kids rode up and down the hill, and the dog sniffed every tree, waggly tail flapping in the sun.  I thought really?  It’s that easy?  Why do I always forget that it’s just better outside.  It’s SO much better.

Closed-in areas create tension.  We all need to get out in the open.  In my case, I have to get out every day, more than once, or I start to feel like I am suffocating on the mayhem.  I need to remember this every day when the fuse starts to get short – just get outside.

MOMMY SURVIVAL TIP OF THE SUMMER: Drop everything, and walk out the door.  It’s better outside.

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