About GoalieMom

I am a “slightly redneck, partly hippy” country-loving, city-living Mom of three very rambunctious and hilarious little boys, a closet writer, and wife to a police officer. I love the forest, rivers and lakes…oh, and the ocean.  I am happiest walking my dog first thing in the morning in a quiet, cool forest, or sitting on a deck at the cabin drinking a hot coffee.  Give me a peaceful morning in nature and I am a happy girl. In reality,most of my days are far from quiet, so I rely on a steady supply of coffee, faith and laughter (ok, and maybe the occasional gin & tonic)… to get me through the chaos.

I am a “reluctant blog-writer” because blogs have always seemed so narcissistic to me,  but writing is something I love to do, and talking about this crazy life is cathartic for me. I hope it is for you too.  Welcome to my version of crazy bliss!

Enjoy life & Be blessed!


6 Responses to About GoalieMom

  1. James Kilfoil says:

    You are a person to be admired by everyone ….. you are the essence of what life should be and how it should be cherished by all. I only wish I could write and get the message across as well as you do. Please keep on writing … we all have a great deal to learn from you!!! XOX

  2. Sandra Apsassin says:

    Lovely site

    • Bearmama says:

      Thanks so much Sandra and everyone who has posted comments! I am just over-the-moon that everyone enjoyed what I had to say. I certainly never expected so many people to agree with my own thoughts and opinions, and didn’t really think anyone would actually pay attention (except five of my closest friends!). I really do believe that there is still far more good and positive out there in the world. As the Mom of three young little men (6,6,8) I just feel so compelled to always be looking for a better way to equip and prepare them to be productive and kind members of our society. That’s my main focus. Thanks for sharing the love!

  3. truptiparkar says:

    I am trupti from India. I am so mesmerized by your blog writing that tears were rolling down my eyes while reading as I was constantly relating you thoughts to my mother’s. I love your writing..The good people like you in the world has made belief in humanity & positivity more stronger. Keep writing!!!!

  4. lisakunk says:

    I’m really happy to discover your blog. I’m a former school counselor turned writer and mother of seventeen year old triplets, plus a newly-wed twenty-four year-old daughter. I share your feeling of being not ok with the crazy gun violence and wishing people would teach young people to play, create, share, climb and exercise. We live on quite a bit of family land and our kids have spent their lives helping their friends learn to climb trees, run on real grass with clover and weeds and cool worms just under the soil. A novelty to most. Keep the faith. Maybe the pendulum will swing back. A simplicity phenomenon. Now about that violence…pray…and keep writing.

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