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Just say thank-you

It’s real. A good coach can make a positive, indelible impact on a child’s life. And it may have NOTHING to do with the sport.

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Top 5 Summer Reads for Young Boys, and some extras…

My “almost-ten-year-old” and I have been planning a summer reading list for our Epic, Big, Long, Summer, Road-Trip.  He and I are book lovers, and lately I have been having a blast reading and re-reading books from my youth, as … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter

It’s too complicated for me to tackle. People are going to have their opinions no matter what happens. It’s too big. My words won’t make a difference. I don’t know what really happened – maybe they are right to be … Continue reading

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Again, But We Can Be Brave

Today, something terrible happened to a man, his family, and our country.  A Canadian Reservist was shot to death at the foot of the National War Memorial on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  It feels like we have seen so much loss lately. … Continue reading

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I am “that” Mom

I have become “that” Mom.  You know, the one who gives her friends with new babies unsolicited advice. EGADS!  I am horrified.  I really am.  I literally cringed as I was washing the supper dishes,   thinking about my recent visit … Continue reading

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Let Them Grow

We dropped our oldest son off at his first ever week of camp yesterday afternoon.  He is at a summer camp on a little island, just a short ferry ride from the town we live in.  His best friend is there, and … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

NOTE FROM BEARMAMA – This was written last December.  I never posted it, because at the time, I thought it seemed too “grumpy” to post at Christmas, and I wrote something more uplifting instead.  But it’s so hot and humid … Continue reading

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