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Morning Practice

4:30AM.  I swing my almost-45-year-old legs over the side of the bed.  Coffee.  It’s the only thought in my head. Grind the beans.  Add water.  Press the “on” button. I pull on my jeans, that are laying on the floor … Continue reading

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In the Blink of an Eye

Here we go!  One more day until the kids are FINALLY back in school and I should be ecstatic.  I had plans this week to spend the whole glorious three days of Labour Day long-weekend getting the house and fam … Continue reading

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So Much More Than The Badge

Salty tears are drying on my cheeks as I write another post inspired by yet another tragedy. For months now, I have been trying so hard to not react to the news of officer deaths across both Canada and the … Continue reading

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A Little Lesson on Overcoming – For the Parent of a Teased or Bullied Child

Originally posted on Silly Souls:
Just this morning, my eldest son, who is almost ten, left for school a little early, excited, as usual, to get there. I watched him walk out our back gate in his cool “skinny” jeans…

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Soften Often

Originally posted on Silly Souls:
I was out watering in our front yard the other day, when a mini van full of little ones went by, with a lovely Mama in the chauffeur’s seat. What caught my eye with this particular…

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Let Them Grow

We dropped our oldest son off at his first ever week of camp yesterday afternoon.  He is at a summer camp on a little island, just a short ferry ride from the town we live in.  His best friend is there, and … Continue reading

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